Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beware of work-at-home scams!

WritersWeekly.com ran an article today by Cee Gee, warning readers about a text editing scam she ran across once. The scam wasn't to get free work, but to use writers to launder money by building up their trust and then ask them to become an "agent" for the supposed text editing business.

It's a good reminder that freelance writers should always be suspicious of work-at-home writing and editing jobs that don't make sense or that sound too good to be true. Because of the nature of our work, and because so many newbies join our ranks every year not knowing much about what to expect, writers are much more susceptible to online scams than the average person — and therefore we need to be extra cautious when looking for and accepting work!

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Lori said...

My gawd, that's scary! Thanks for alerting us, Katharine!


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