Sunday, November 16, 2008

13,957 words

Although I haven't technically got caught up in my work to the point that I can take the day or two to work on my novel that I wanted, I was able to add more than 2,500 words to my word count tonight (Saturday night). My goal for the weekend is 6,000 words, so happily I've accomplished almost half of that. If I can find the time to work on client projects tomorrow and write another 3,500 words of my novel, I'll be a very happy little writer!

And now... I'm so tired that I'm nearly seeing double. Hard to believe that two and a half hours ago, I was telling myself I was too tired to work much on my novel. Now I'm downright exhausted — but happy to have proven myself wrong!


Lori said...

I'm completely embarrassed. I got busy right around my 8K word mark. I wa so committed to the contest this year, but work has come rolling in. Gotta pay the bills.

Katharine Swan said...

Oh, don't feel bad, Lori! I haven't worked on my novel at all since I wrote this, and I am VERY behind. I got busy too -- with work, fixing my car, and trying NOT to neglect my horse through all of this!

We're having a local 12-hour write-in next week, though, and I plan on participating -- at least maybe I won't finish quite so dismally behind!

Lori said...

So how'd you do, Katharine? I've decided with my huge workload, I'm making December my Nano month. ;))


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