Sunday, April 08, 2007

A well-deserved break

Last night -- Friday night -- I worked another all-nighter. From 1am to 8am, I worked on finishing the copy for a client's website. (Sadly, as a result I slept until 4pm -- goodness knows what this will do to my schedule.)

I've decided to take the weekend off -- something I haven't actually done in what feels like eons. Usually, if I'm not working all weekend I'm trying to find time to work all weekend. As productive as I have been recently -- increasing my billable work hours each week, completing the backlogged work I have been accumulating -- I feel I deserve a little break. (And no, it actually doesn't have anything to do with Easter being this weekend.)

Anyway, Monday will be here soon enough, so I'm off to read a little and enjoy my reprieve.


Shannan Powell said...

Enjoy your weekend! I keep swearing I'm going to do the same, but look where I always end up!

Katharine Swan said...

I hear you... This is the first time in probably months that I've done this!

Anonymous said...

I've tagged you on a meme about your favorite type of writing. I'm eager to see your response!!!



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