Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Slow Mondays and Sleeping Beauty's return

Yesterday (Monday) I only got half of what I'd planned done. Thinking about it some more, I realized there's a definitely pattern: I tend to have a harder time concentrating on Mondays, and therefore work more slowly and get less done. Does anyone else have this (or a similar) problem?

I also regret to have to say it, but I'm having problems with my schedule again. I blame it entirely on the all-nighter (and sleep-all-dayer) I pulled Friday night -- I haven't gotten up earlier than noon since.

I'm also finding that wedding plans are encroaching on my work time more and more frequently. For example, so far this week I've had to make a trip to the cobbler regarding my shoes and to the seamstress to pick up my dress. I'm not done, either -- I need to go with my dad to get measured for his tux tomorrow (to make sure he doesn't change the coat to something that won't match), in addition to running several other errands sometime this week (i.e. picking out nice paper and plastic ware, hunting down some soft drinks in retro bottles to go with the 1920s theme, etc.) and sewing my veil onto my headpiece. (I have been tracking these details on a separate wedding blog, if you are interested in checking it out.)


Shannan Powell said...

I know what you mean about sleep issues! I had a sick toddler last night and still haven't been to bed yet! Hopefully I haven't started an icky pattern here.

You are just so adorable talking about your wedding! It makes me miss the excitement (and headaches) of planning ours. Our 2nd anniversary is Monday, the 16th. WOW! Time flies!!!

Katharine Swan said...

Ick -- I hope you get to catch up on that sleep sometime soon!

Time does indeed fly. I can remember thinking 9 months was plenty long enough to plan a wedding... And that, in fact, it was too long!


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