Monday, April 23, 2007

Abortion has nothing to do with breast cancer!

A new study discounts the anti-abortion camp's claim that having an abortion increases your chances of having breast cancer.

According to the study, having babies before you turn 35 lowers your chances of having breast cancer. So does breastfeeding.

Inversely, this means that if you haven't had kids by age 35, you're at a higher risk for breast cancer. There is no link between having abortions and having breast cancer. The article doesn't say by how much having babies lowers your risk of breast cancer.

Does this mean that women should run out and have babies like mad to avoid having breast cancer? No, of course not. The anti-abortion people are taking it one step further, though, by lying and telling women that abortion increases one's risk of breast cancer.

In fact, according to the article, laws in Texas, Minnesota, and Mississippi actually require doctors to warn women that abortion increases their risk of breast cancer, if the doctor feels that current research supports that claim. What?! Why is that law at all, especially considering current research refutes the claim? Basically, that law could be rephrased to say, "Doctors, if you believe that abortion is wrong you can tell women that it will increase their risk of breast cancer, just as long as you can find some research to back up your claims."

Law should not permit doctors to use their personal opinions to justify giving women false information. Abortion does not increase your risk of breast cancer, ladies. Saying that it does is just another attempt of the anti-abortion camp to undermine the power we currently have over our own reproductive systems.

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