Monday, February 26, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 9: Winding Down

My mom's time here is winding down.  Assuming she is able to drive (we're going to practice first) she'll go home on Sunday.  She's definitely pretty independent now, and is walking without the cane as well as doing most things for herself.

If I thought I would have more time to myself as she became more independent, I was wrong.  Now, instead of taking care of her as much as I was, I'm driving her to appointments and entertaining her.  It's partly that she has more things to schedule now, and partly that she doesn't want to sit around doing nothing all day.  So we've been pretty busy lately, and have a fairly busy week ahead of us.

Her birthday is also Wednesday, so we'll probably celebrate a little then, and we have plans for afternoon tea on Saturday.

Part of me is really sad at the thought of my mom going back home.  She feels like she belongs here with us, and I like doing things with her, including her in our outings and our schedules and our meal plans.

On the other hand, it's difficult to get anything done unless it's something I can involve her in.  So we've gone through some family things and I plan to enlist her help in prepping for the doll show this week, but we're a little limited on what she can help with.  She's independent but not quite fully functional yet.

So in some ways, I'm also looking forward to her going home.  I have a lot to do before the doll show, and I will likely need to work on it almost every day after she leaves.

This week's goals will look much like last week's goals, but I'm hoping to have more time for it this week.

  1. Work on organizing
  2. Prep for doll show
  3. Survive

Honestly, it's a relief that this chapter is almost over.  Starting next week, though, I'll have to ramp up my preparations for the doll show.

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