Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 6: I Will Survive

I said last week that my goal for the week was just to survive it, and the theme continues this week as well.  It might be the theme for next week too.

My mom's surgery last week went well, but recovery is going to take some time.  It's about what I was expecting, but much harder I think than she was expecting.  She had her first physical therapy appointment at her apartment last week though, and they are transferring her up to the Denver area office, since it's quickly become clear that she is NOT going home as soon as she thought.  Physical therapy is three times a week, this week and next.  I expect her to be staying with me until at least the end of next week, if not longer, since she can't drive until at least the beginning of March.

Today my dad has a procedure of his own, so I'm waiting at the hospital for him now, with plans to spend the night at his place tonight since it's a cardiac procedure and he's going under anesthesia.  That leaves my husband to take care of my mom, although I do plan to stop home for a bit this afternoon or evening to help my mom get a shower.

Frustratingly, if physical therapy is going to be at our house, I need to finish some cleanup and organization, but I won't be home to do as much as I'd really like to do.  The next appointment isn't scheduled yet but I'm assuming it'll be tomorrow, which doesn't give me much time.  I still need to clear a path for the walker upstairs to the bathroom, as I'm assuming the therapist will want to work on getting in and out of the shower.  The walker is wider than I thought it would be, so we've had to adjust the width of some of the pathways throughout the house; being an older house, my house has narrower hallways and doorways.

With all this on my plate, my goal for the week is, once again:

  1. Survive

I just have to focus on getting through the next couple weeks, and then things should be much easier for a while.

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