Monday, March 04, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 10: Ramping Up

My mom went home yesterday, which means today I need to start ramping up my efforts to get ready for the doll show.  I also have a lot of admin-y type things to do today, though, since a lot of things were neglected during the month of February while my mom was here.

As of right now, I have three weeks to get ready for the doll show.  I'm behind where I wanted to be at this point, so I'll have to hustle to get ready for the show.  I've started going through dolls already to pull off the ones I want to bring to the show.  I think I'll be working on more of the same for most of the week, after which I'll start cleaning, repairing, rehabbing, and pricing.  I'm also working reorganizing my show crates to simplify setup and teardown, as well as storage between shows.

I have some other things that need attention too, but for the most part my weekly goals are going to look like this every week this month:

  1. Work on doll show prep
  2. Work on organization

Those two goals are fairly intertwined, so I'll still be working on organization, even while I'm prepping for the doll show.

And then there's this one too.

  1. Post to social media

That's an important one too because I'll be promoting my presence at the doll show.

With all that said, I'd better get to work!  There's no time to lose when I've only got three weeks to do what I'd originally planned to spread out over three months.

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