Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Weekly Goals 2024: Week 1

Did you miss me last week?  I decided to take the week off from blogging and all work-related things.  Zac was off the week between Christmas and New Year's, and I just wanted to focus on our house projects together.  I was hoping to get a year's worth of house projects done in a week, but of course that didn't work out so well.  As usual, I forgot about the need to eat, sleep, relax, and see friends and family (after all, it was the holiday week!).

Still, we made a lot of progress that we wouldn't have otherwise, and I'm pleased with what we did.  Plus we were able to do it at a pretty leisurely pace, so we felt like we got to relax over vacation too.  It was a good balance.

With the new year I've decided to do something a little different with my weekly goals posts.  This week is the first week of 2024, so I'm going to start over with my weekly count, and we'll just count up to 52 weeks.  It'll be easier to keep track of my weekly goals, and ultimately, my goals for 2024 as well.

My goals for the last tracked week of the year didn't pan out very well.  Since it was the week leading up to Christmas, I'm not surprised, and I did somewhat anticipate it since I specifically said I was focusing mostly on my first two goals, working on organization and my novel.  I did manage to get some work done on organization, but nothing on my novel.

Last week I did a pretty poor job of tracking our time working on things, which is really too bad.  I did spend quite a bit of time on organization, but I forgot to track probably 75 percent of it.  But I managed a reorganization of the sales closet, pantry, and both bathrooms, and got a substantial amount of work done catching up on filing.

This week is still shifting and changing, so I don't know entirely right now what the entire week is going to look like.  My mom is trying to schedule a pre-op and surgery for a replacement, so a lot of my next couple weeks is in limbo until I find out when that will be.  Meanwhile, I'm trying to schedule a time to film a couple of videos with a local doll shop, and possibly some babysitting next week as well.

With all that in limbo, it's difficult to set goals for this week, so I'm focusing on the minimum I want to accomplish, regardless of what else gets planned or rescheduled or moved around.

  1. Work on organization projects
You know what, we're just going to go with that this week.  Maybe it's just because I'm having a hard time transitioning back to a "regular" work day, but right now I feel like I can't manage very much at the moment.  So I'll just focus on that until it's done (or at least to a place where I'm satisfied with it)!

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