Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 4: Down to the Wire

Whew!  For a minute there I thought that just like last week, I was going to let the entire week go by again before sitting down to write this post.  It's the problem about being busy with things that keep me away from my computer: Things like blogging don't get done.

This week we're officially down to the wire.  My mom's surgery is next Thursday, a week from tomorrow, which means we have a week to get the house (or at least the parts she needs to be able to access) passable for a walker.  I feel like I'm struggling still to get the doll room cleaned up, so I'm not sure how on track I am at this point.  Thankfully we still have a full weekend coming up, which I should probably use to focus on my mom's spaces (instead of finishing up the doll room).

I've had a busy week so far, but I've been putting work in on the doll room where I can.  Yesterday I worked on a doll tea photo shoot for the museum, for photos that we'll use to promote some upcoming events.  I'll need to put together some marketing images and copy, and I also need to work on a website for a client (hopefully some minor work), but I may or may not get to those this week.  The priority is probably the museum images and copy for the February event, since there's a time crunch on those; everything else can be shifted off until next week.

Despite those small goals, the overall goal of organizing and cleaning up the house stays the same.  Here are my goals for the rest of the week and the weekend:

  1. Work on organization projects
  2. Work on February event marketing

Besides organizing and cleaning up, I included the marketing materials for the February event.  I didn't include the other projects because they're not quite as important; all other client work can wait until next week.  For now I need to focus as much of my energy as possible on getting the house ready for my mom's recovery!

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