Friday, September 16, 2022

Canva: Free, Easy Design Tool


I started out looking for a way to edit videos, and I remembered several different friends having recommended Canva for different purposes.  One friend uses it for social media posts for her job, and another friend uses it for designing digital downloads for his online business.

I was slow to warm up to this free design tool, as it can sometimes be glitchy and counterintuitive, but I keep going back to it and discovering something else it can do.  Canva has a lot of features I love:

  • Seamless syncing between mobile and desktop
  • Flexible ability to design pretty much anything, whether it's an image, text-based, video, or mixed
  • A nice selection of freebies

I'm only just beginning to get acquainted with Canva's full potential, but the more I discover, the more I love it.  It's not just a social media tool - it has the ability to design just about any print material you can think of (resumes, brochures, business cards, book covers, even ebooks), plus a great selection of templates to give you ideas and make the job easier.  I designed my website header in Canva, I'm working on a shiny new resume, and I have plans to use Canva for a whole list of projects I had on my to-do list, from business cards to ebooks.

I still do most of my video editing in a dedicated video editor due to how glitchy Canva's video editor seems to be, but I'm realizing how powerful of a design tool Canva is for just about everything else!

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