Thursday, March 26, 2015

Weird week

This week has been weird.  The kid I usually take to preschool in the mornings has been sick, so I've had the last few mornings off.  You would think this would mean I'd get more done, but in actuality I may have gotten less done, and just slept more.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, since I've been getting less sleep since I started that morning job in January, but it has made the week feel surreal.

Also weird is that I have a lot of busyness coming up: AnomalyCon is this weekend, and then Camp NaNoWriMo starts almost immediately afterward.  I feel like I'm not prepared for any of it.

As my readers may remember, I go to AnomalyCon, a local steampunk and sci-fi conference, every year.  We stay in the hotel for the convenience of being able to roll right out of bed in the morning and go downstairs in order to make the earlier panels, and being able to stay for the late panels without sacrificing sleep.  It might sound odd considering the conference is in town, but it really does make everything so much easier.  Plus, we can keep food in the room and eat there instead of having to eat at the hotel restaurant every meal.

This year there seems like there are going to be fewer writing things -- last year there were writing panels and writing workshops going at all times, but it looks now like they've condensed all the writing stuff to one room, and by the looks of it eliminated a lot of the workshops.  (Fine with me; I don't care for workshops as much as hearing panels of published writers talk.)  There is also a room dedicated entirely to history panels, which I'm excited about.  The history of warfare guy is back (he was great!), plus they've expanded his panels to include other subjects and added some more panels and panelists as well.

Some of the panels are the same ones I've seen in previous years.  Some of them will be worth seeing again, and some of them won't.  As always, there is a lot I want to see while I'm there, so we'll have a pretty busy schedule, and I'll also have to prioritize a few things when there's more than one panel I'd like to go to at the same time.

Last year I never did do a write-up on the con.  I still have all my notes, though, and I plan on taking plenty more this year, so I do intend to do a write-up afterward, and perhaps discuss a few of my favorites panels in individual posts, too.

And of course, within days of AnomalyCon ending we'll start Camp NaNo, but that's a different beast entirely...

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