Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From post-con coma to con crud

I apologize for not having posted about AnomalyCon yet as I'd promised after the con ended, but I've been down and out with a sore throat and some minor congestion.  It doesn't sound like much, but it's a pretty substantial sore throat, and the entire illness has been making me feel pretty tired.  I actually think I felt it coming on Friday morning, so it probably isn't really "con crud," but a friend of mine used that term and I liked it so much I decided to appropriate it anyway.

It's supposed to be a vacation of sorts for me, and I'm spending the first few days of it sick, which seems somehow familiar -- I think I've been through this before.

I say a vacation of sorts because I still have my morning family and my freelance work while my afternoon family is on spring break.  In addition, I'll be working extra Thursday, Friday, and all next week, helping out a family whose spring break overlaps just a little bit with my afternoon family's -- except instead of going on vacation, they need coverage while their daughter O.'s school is closed.  These are the folks I was thinking about a couple weeks ago when I blogged about saying no.  And I did say no, but then the babysitter they had found canceled on them last minute, so I cobbled a schedule together to help them out as best I could.  So much for saying no.  The result is some nice extra money, of course, but I'll be paying for it with my exhaustion.

And because I'll be so busy and so stressed, it's even more important that I get over this illness quickly.  I've been sleeping a lot, which I'm sure is helping, and it will also help that I have the weekend completely off -- a rarity with my schedule, but it was my condition if I worked the long days necessary to help watch O.  (She's also the one I usually babysit for Sunday mornings.)  But I suspect I'll also need that time to keep up on my freelance work for the week, and to get started on taxes, which I haven't done yet (oops).

Fingers crossed that this crud won't last much longer!

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