Thursday, March 19, 2015

Scrivener for bloggers

I have to admit I don't use a separate software for my blog posts -- I write them directly into the blog platform -- but if I had to use something, I would use Scrivener.  This isn't a very detailed post, but it does list some compelling reasons why you should consider using Scrivener for blogging:

 Scrivener is Your All In One Software for the Writer or Blogger

I prefer writing directly into the Blogger software for a few reasons.  I like not having to worry about formatting issues when you copy and paste between different software, for one thing.  I also don't really need to have even more files on my hard drive, taking up space, and I do trust the Blogger software to keep my files (having been blogging for nearly a decade now (!) and having had no trouble with this).

But I can also see some advantages to writing blog posts in Scrivener.  If you plan on making a book out of your blog eventually, then your posts are already there and you don't have to go through the work of copying them over.  And of course, Blogger may not be around forever, and even if I didn't transfer the posts that already exist on Blogger, if I started writing all new posts in Scrivener I would at least have less work to do to save my blog if I ever needed to.

Interestingly, when I work on client blogs I always write the post first in Scrivener, rather than writing the post directly into their blogging software.  I want the record of the work -- and the original version -- on my computer.  Perhaps that is an attitude I should take with my own blogs, too.

Obviously I'm thinking a little bit about changing how I do things, although I haven't made up my mind quite yet.

What about my fellow bloggers?  Do you write your blog posts directly into your software, or do you write them in Scrivener or a word processor and then transfer them?

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