Thursday, January 22, 2015

Week 2 of my new schedule

I am almost through with my second week of my new schedule -- that is, getting up early nearly ever morning.  It used to be that I slept in most of the week and only got up early one day each weekend, but I recently took a babysitting job for one of my families that means getting up early, taking the kid to preschool, and working at Starbucks until he needs to be picked up.

I've been using an app called Sleep Cycle to help me get up in the mornings, and so far it's been working pretty well.  I've been a little tired due to the dramatic change in my schedule, but it's been more manageable than I'd expected.  (I'll blog more about the app again soon.)

So far the schedule has kept me busy, but fairly productive.  Working at Starbucks for a few hours every morning forces me to get up and work, which I like.  Unfortunately, I've been struggling with some computer issues the last couple weeks, so I've been having to spend some of my precious freelancing time on troubleshooting.

Another good thing -- remember how I said I was going to miss having two afternoons a week to devote to freelancing?  Well, I got my wish -- the family I nanny for decided to go back down to three afternoons a week.  I hate that they keep changing things around, but I'm glad for the extra afternoon each week.

My early morning schedule will likely only last a few months, but I don't know if I'll have any down time before summer.  I'll be working a lot more hours with the nanny kids this summer, which means early mornings all summer long, too, so I am hoping for at least a short break before the kids get out of school!

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