Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Loves and hates of my new schedule

For nearly three full weeks now, I've been getting up early in the mornings to take J., the kid I babysit for occasionally, to preschool while his preemie baby brother is too young to be exposed to the germs.  It's been long enough to get somewhat used to the earlier schedule, get into a good work routine, and discover what I do and don't like about this earlier schedule.  I suppose there's more I like about it than dislike, but all the same, I'll be happy when the baby gets old enough and they don't need me for this anymore.

What I love:
  • I like being forced to get up early.  There's no tricking my brain when it's half-asleep, so unless I do have a real reason to get up early, I usually don't.  This forces me to get up early, but without forcing me to be occupied for the entire morning, so I get up early and I have time to work on freelance stuff.
  • I like being double-paid.  I love it when my babysitting or nanny work gives me a paycheck and time to work on freelance work at the same time.
  • I like being productive.  Morning is not my most productive time, but I've found that the lively environment of the coffee shop -- as opposed to the laid-back environment of working at home -- actually helps to keep me more focused.  Then again, that could also be because of the big chai...
What I hate:

  • I hate being forced to get up early.  Yes, as much as I love that, I also hate it.  I can never bring myself to go to bed as early as I should, so I get less sleep and am more tired.  I have always been a deep sleeper, and even with the Sleep Cycle app -- which makes it getting up easier than it used to be -- I always feel like a zombie when I first wake up.
  • I hate the wifi at this Starbucks.  There is a Starbucks just a couple blocks away from J.'s school, so it doesn't make any sense to go anywhere else, but the wifi here sucks.  Unlike the Starbucks locations near my house, this wifi has not been upgraded to Google, and the AT&T wifi is painfully slow compared to what I'm used to.
  • I hate how busy this Starbucks gets.  Another knock against this Starbucks: It's crazy busy in the mornings, especially when I first get here.  By mid-morning (like now), it starts to clear out a bit, but I have to scramble to get a good spot when I first arrive.  There are only four comfortable seats in the house, and the rest are metal chairs -- not comfortable at all if you're sitting here working for three hours.
Overall, there's a lot of good to be found in my new schedule.  I feel like I am more productive and getting more done, while also drawing an extra paycheck, which is never a bad thing.  At the same time, though, I'll be happy when the job ends -- hopefully with enough time to have some down time and relaxed mornings again before I start working long days again over the summer!

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