Thursday, January 29, 2015

A day in the life

Yesterday I blogged about what I both love and hate about my new schedule.  I thought I would give you an idea of what that schedule really means, so here is what a day in my life looks like right now:

  • 7:10 - Wake up.
  • 7:25-7:30 - Leave the house.  I'm very efficient in the mornings (mostly out of necessity), as I take my showers the evening before and, if I need tea or something else, try to prep it as much as possible the night before.
  • 7:55-8:30 - Arrive at J.'s house, help get him ready and out the door.  Drop him off at school.
  • 8:30-11:30ish - Work at Starbucks.  Mostly I update blogs, respond to emails, and work on client projects, although I do also tend to get sucked into social media a little bit.
  • 11:30-12:45 - Pick Jack up and take him home, then go home myself.
  • 12:45-2:40ish - Eat lunch and work at home.  I think I probably need to designate specific tasks to the morning and the afternoon to make sure I'm staying productive.  The relaxed atmosphere at home tends to lend itself to even more social media, so maybe I should dedicate the afternoon to tasks that are easier to do or require less focus, such as updating my own blogs.
  • 2:40ish-5:30 - Pick up A. and V. from school and stay with them in the afternoon.  My afternoons with them vary -- sometimes I am driving them to and from afternoon activities, and other times I'm at home with them and have some time to work on stuff.  I'm distracted even when I get a chance to work, though, so again, this time is probably best spent on tasks that require less focus.
  • 5:30-bedtime - Eat dinner, work, and relax.  I often do at least a little bit of work during this period if I don't have anything else planned, usually around going out with friends, going to the barn, or (less often) watching something on TV.  I also almost always read before bed, although lately I've been too tired to read for very long.
The variation on this schedule during the week is that I currently don't pick up A. and V. after school on Thursdays or Fridays, so on those afternoons I generally have some additional time to spend on client work (if I don't have anything else that claims some of that time -- such as today, for instance, when I'll be getting tires).  Those afternoons off might be changing to Wednesdays and Fridays in a few weeks, but no confirmation on that quite yet.

My weekends, on the other hand, are a bit of a mess, as my schedule is often changing.  Theoretically I usually leave Saturday nights open for babysitting jobs, and I often babysit Sunday mornings for O., a little girl I've been babysitting for fairly regularly over the past two years.  As you can see, I don't have many days off, although tomorrow will be different, as no one needs me tomorrow!  It's so nice sometimes not to be needed.

It's a busy schedule, but it's working pretty well for me so far.  Even so, I'm hoping I'll have a few weeks or a month of down time in the mornings between my current (but temporary) morning job, and my busier summer schedule.

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