Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Working the write-ins

I've been trying to go to a lot of write-ins this year during NaNoWriMo, more than I usually do.  I was originally planning on not working on client work at these write-ins, but sadly that hasn't always been the case.  However, I've made sure to always work on my NaNo project for at least a little during the write-in.

There have been a lot of good write-ins this year.  Some of them are ones I've been to (including the one I set up every year, on Friday nights), others are new this year, and still others are just new to me.  In our region there in at least one write-in every single day in November, if not three or four (except maybe Thanksgiving).  Even being selective I still have one or more write-ins to go to four days out of the week.

The ones I've been enjoying the most are the late-night ones a friend from last year set up.  I love the social write-ins, but I also know I don't get much done.  The late-night ones are a smaller group, and we are generally more productive than during other write-ins.

The other thing we've been doing -- and what has been helping me to work at least 20 minutes or so on my project every day -- is doing virtual write-ins together in a Facebook chat, usually late at night.  (We are all night owls!)

I am, of course, at one of those late-night write-ins right now -- and that is what suggested the topic for my blog post.

Next year, or perhaps next summer, by the way, I am thinking of doing 30 days of blog posts instead of a working on either a novel or a nonfiction book.  It will be a good way to get me into the habit of blogging every single day.

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