Monday, September 02, 2013

Goals check for the week of August 26

Today is Labor Day and I am spending it by laboring away!  I have an extended weekend away from my nanny job, which I am celebrating by working on other things.  Writing really has become my non-day job in so many ways, the most obvious being that I consider a day writing to be "a day off."

The past week wasn't as productive for my goals list as I'd hoped, though -- my new computer has motivated me to get some things done, but that means I've spent more time doing admin things such as setting up the computer and going through email.  It is necessary stuff, however, so I can't feel too bad about it.

1. Novels: I did manage to work on my novel two days in the past week, Friday and Sunday.  (Friday evenings I meet with a group of friends from NaNo -- we've been meeting year-round for a couple of years now.  Some Fridays we get a lot done, and this one was one of those for me, luckily.)  I worked for a couple of hours Friday night, and a whopping 7 hours yesterday, so I suppose I largely made up for not working on it all week.  Primarily I've been writing up backstory (so it's not just in my head anymore), brainstorming, and doing research, but pretty soon I need to get back to doing revisions.

2. Blogs and websites: No progress yet.

3. Other writing projects: No progress yet.

4. Books: Les Miz is still on hold, but we have the movie from Netflix now, so I have some added incentive to finish reading this book soon and get back to my reading list for 2013.  Only a few months left of the year now, too, so I need to get on this soon!

5. Horses: I discovered on Monday that Rondo had lost a shoe already (he'd only had them on 2 weeks), so he was unrideable all week.  (My farrier came back out on Saturday, but that day he had a huge, sore bite from another horse right under where the saddle would go, so I didn't ride him then either.)  I did ride Panama on Thursday for my lesson, and threw in a little bareback ride on Saturday.  With Rondo unrideable, V. took her lesson on our trainer's horse, but she did ride Panama on Friday for her practice ride, so he got three rides last week.

It was actually a fairly productive week, only most of the things I accomplished weren't on my list of goals for the year.  I am hoping that the coming week will see more progress on the novel, including getting back to work on revisions, and some more activity for the horses.

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