Monday, June 03, 2013

Goals check for the week of May 27

Last week was a wildly successful week, at least as far as my novel goes.  For the first time, I actually worked on my novel pretty much every day (except for Sunday -- I rested on the seventh day, ha!).  As usual, though, doing well on one goal meant sacrificing in other areas.  I am beginning to think this is not necessarily a sign that I am not able to balance my goals, but that I am not able to balance my expectations of how much I can cram into my life and still succeed at what's important to me.

1. Novels: As I said above, I worked on my novel six days out of seven last week (and actually, I worked on it a full seven days in a row, since I got some good work in Sunday of last weekend).  It was a wildly successful week, mainly because I got through nearly 50 pages of manuscript between Monday and Tuesday alone.  The rest of the week saw pretty average productivity, though -- I guess I need more days off from my other responsibilities (I was off from all other jobs on Monday, my most productive day).  I am anticipating this week won't be as productive, because of various demands on my time (including preparation for a horse show on Saturday), but in the afterglow of last week I am confident that I can maintain at least average productivity and still feel like I am ahead.

2. Blogs and websites: No progress.

3. Other writing projects: No progress.

4. Books: I haven't been reading as much since I've been more productive on my novel, so I haven't yet finished my current read and gotten back to Les Miz.  It shouldn't be much longer, though.

5. Horses: I rode Rondo Wednesday and Thursday last week, and V. rode Panama Thursday and Friday.  This week will have to be more productive in this area because we are taking Panama to a horse show on Saturday, and since he is feeling better now and getting rather fired up about being ridden, I want to ride him plenty throughout the week so that he doesn't have a bunch of excess energy come Saturday.

I suspect that all the riding this week, along with a few other demands on my time, will probably cut into my time for my novel.  I have hope, though, that I can maintain the writing schedule that I established for myself last week, and continue getting at least a few pages revised every day!

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