Thursday, April 25, 2013

My plans for freelancing

A reader's comment on my post Balancing goals and freelancing made me realize that I didn't really include any information on what I'm planning to do moving forward.  The post was a short post that only talked about my observations, not what I was planning on doing about it.

The truth is, I'm not planning on changing a whole lot just yet.  We are just over a month away from summer vacation -- the kids get out of school in early June -- so my hours for my nanny job are going to ratchet up.  Hence, not much time for freelancing, and not much point in trying to rebuild my freelance client base this spring, since I won't be able to properly maintain it come summer.  So for now, I'm just going to keep trying to maintain my blogs (which I am getting better about, but still need to do more) and work on my novels.

Despite my post about how I'd let my freelancing go to the wayside, I am not completely unhappy about my current situation.  I enjoy being able to focus more on my blogs and my novels, without feeling like I am missing out on potential income by not working on a client project.  I do wish that sometimes I were a bit more successful about focusing on the novel and "getting sh*t done," for lack of a better way to say it, but that is my own fault and has nothing to do with whether I am freelancing or not.  I have gotten to be more unfocused about working from home since I stopped freelancing as seriously, and I also have gradually been letting more distractions take the place of time that should be spent on my novels.

But my productivity on my novels and my overall busy schedule aside, I actually like my current setup of freelancing less and working on my novel more.  It's what I set out to do, after all.  So although I do plan to beef up my freelance client base a little come fall -- as I don't want to give up freelancing entirely -- in the meantime I am also trying to take full advantage of having extra time to work on my novels.

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