Thursday, September 23, 2010

International Freelancers Day

Kathy Kehrli's wonderful blog, Screw You!, gave me the heads up that tomorrow is International Freelancers Day.  I won't be online much tomorrow, but I dropped by the check it out, and was amazed at what a great list of sessions and presenters they will have.  They also have a full day on Saturday, and all of it is free!

Even if you aren't going to be able to attend on short notice, I think it's worth registering — if you are registered, you'll be able to watch the videos for free at a later date.

I am especially interested in a session called "Workday Nirvana: How to remain inspired and productive when you work alone."  This one runs at 12:45 EST tomorrow, so I won't be able to make it, but I'm hoping to be able to catch it as a rerun.  Sounds like it could offer some advice that will help me with productivity — something I have been struggling with lately.

Also of interest is a presentation on Saturday by the author of the Well-Fed Writer series.  I've read the first book, but I'm interested to see what he has to say in the short video session!

Will you be attending any of the presentations?  If so, I'd love to know what you think, so that when Friday's sessions are available on replay I know which ones I want to watch!

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