Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Holiday weekend aftermath

I didn't get much done over the holiday weekend. I meant to, but from the time Michael was home (he took off on Thursday and Friday) until this morning, the working part of my brain pretty much shut itself off completely. I prefer to think of it as that I needed the vacation, rather than as a continuation of some of the problems focusing that I've had lately.

Anyway, after a weekend of relaxing, spending time with my husband and his family, and riding my horse, I have four client articles to catch up on, plus I need to respond to two client emails that got rather lost in the shuffle last week. It doesn't sound like much when I condense it into one sentence like that, but it is a lot of work that I need to get done ASAP!

Do you have anything you are playing catchup on after the holiday weekend?


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

YES! Since I'm going on vacation next week I'm playing double catch-up ... on the work I didn't complete yesterday (Labor Day) and on meeting the deadlines I won't be around for. Not the best game plan but this tends to happen no matter when I schedule vacation.

Katharine Swan said...

Kathy, the same thing happens to me. In fact, more than once I end up pulling a late night the night before I leave in order to finish a few things at the last minute. I can only imagine if I were playing catch-up this week AND trying to get ahead for vacation! Yikes -- good luck!


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