Monday, April 06, 2009

A change of scenery

Lori Widmer's blog post on coffee shop dwellers has made me crave a change of scenery. It's a beautiful sunny day, a nice change after an often windy and sometimes snowy weekend, making it the perfect weather for a short walk over to our local Starbucks. I think I'll head over there as soon as I finish my apple and feed the dogs.

I find that periodically I need to get out and work someplace else in order to get anything done — staying home day after day increases the likelihood that I'll get burned out. It's been a while since I've worked at a bookstore or a coffee shop, so I think I'm overdue.

I also sometimes like to work outside. In the summer, I enjoy sitting on our porch and working, at least until it gets too hot in the afternoon. Last year I also occasionally took my laptop to the barn and worked after mucking stalls, which my horse grazed on the grass within my sight. I don't think I'll be able to manage anything like that at the new barn, unfortunately — unless I want to try working in the hay loft, which has windows that overlook the pasture.

Of course, I typically don't get as much work done in other places, particularly not with my horse as a distraction. However, I feel so refreshed and happy afterwards that I really don't care that it causes my hourly wage to be cut in half. I figure it keeps me going so that I can maintain my desired income the rest of the time, so it's well worth it.

Where do you like to go to work when you need a change of scenery?


Lori said...

And I'm sure you're going to look terrific when you get there. :) Thanks for the link love, doll. :)

Katharine Swan said...

Absolutely. :o)


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