Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy birthday to me

For those of you who didn't know, yesterday was my birthday. It was nice to have it fall on a Sunday this year, because I was able to spend the day with Michael — but I have to admit, I still did a couple of hours' work on my birthday.

The day started out sunny and gorgeous. It almost always snows in Denver right around my birthday, so this was a real treat! My deaf cat woke us early by sitting next to the bed and meowing at the top of his lungs (I'm sure he was telling me happy birthday), so we got up, went to Starbucks, and then took our drinks and our dogs to the park for a birthday walk.

I also used the Birthday Guilt Trip to get Michael to come out to the barn with me. (He's not really all that into horses, and he hasn't spent an afternoon out there with me in months.) We decided to take the dogs, and spent an hour or two with them in the back pasture while I tied and groomed Panama.

Then we went home, and I worked a little bit, took a short nap, and worked a little bit more.

For dinner we went out to my favorite Japanese restaurant, where we ordered my favorite food: sushi. Then we came home, watched a movie, and I worked a little bit more before going to bed early.

I suppose some might think it's kind of sad that I worked on my birthday, and I actually did try not to have to — but it just wasn't going to work out that way. My client needed their project finished, which meant I had to work! But honestly, it only added up to about three hours, which wasn't that bad.

What about you? Have you had to work on your birthday and other special occasions?


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

Unless my birthday falls on the weekend, I always work it. I don't think I've considered birthdays special days since I was 16. I'm much more likely to take a day off because the weather is nice than because it happens to be the date on which I was born. I hope you had a wonderful day regardless. As freelancers, sometimes our work isn't drudgery, so if you enjoyed what you were doing, you weren't really "working." ;o)

Katharine Swan said...

You know, now that I think about it I usually did work my birthday when I was working full-time. Something about it now just makes me feel like I shouldn't be, though. I'm sure my birthday falling on a Sunday this year made me feel more like I shouldn't be working it.

I certainly don't put as much importance on birthdays as when I was younger, but it still does feel like it should be a day to do what I want. However, as you noted, freelancing isn't drudgery, so it's not the same as having to work some crappy job on your birthday!


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