Thursday, September 04, 2008

Unplanned days off

After blogging on Tuesday about my rough weekend, I have to confess I didn't get to work, after all. Instead, I took two unplanned days off.

Part of this is probably that I knew ahead of time that this week would be slow — in other words, I knew I could afford to take a couple of days off. I can't let the pattern continue, though, so today I intend to get back to work — even if all I accomplish is one assignment.

I do have a theory about my depression stemming from a sudden reduction in exercise now that I'm no longer mucking stalls. But even if less exercise is a factor, I have to admit that my strategy of reading, taking naps, spending time with my horse, and watching movies with my husband seemed to work: I am feeling a little less depressed now.

Hopefully getting back to work will finish the job and jumpstart my mood back to normal.


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

It's always best to ease yourself back into things after an unexpected blow. I'm sure you remember the year from he!! I endured not so long ago. Trying to get through all that and keep my full-time work schedule nearly killed me (yes, I'm being melodramatic, but only a little), so you're doing the right thing. And I promise to give you some regular cyber friendship more often too now that autumn is on its way. With the shorter days, I'll be needing the pick-me-up as well.

Katharine Swan said...

Kathy, if my resolve to work dissolves after something as relatively minor as having to move my horse, I have no clue how you kept your chin up during all that. It's not even worthy of the comparison!

I did accomplish something yesterday, and I feel much better having done so. Hopefully I'll be able to continue easing myself back into it.

Looking forward to resuming our cyber communicating now that our schedules are settling down for fall!


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