Monday, September 29, 2008

Writerlance update

Quite a while back, I blogged on a complaint about Writerlance. Writers were having their account balances disappear, and one writer reported that her account was deleted after she complained. Then the site went down. When I tried emailing Writerlance, my emails bounced.

Later, after the site came back up, I read on a discussion thread that the site had changed owners.

Six months later, the new owner of Writerlance has finally deigned to email its members:

Hello Writerlance user,

This is Michael Santiago the new owner of Writerlance.com. Durning the past 3 months we had some major issues with the previous owner still having access to our site and causing major problems.

We have finally regained total access to writerlance and can now resume business as usual. There are several members that have NOT received their writing fees and or been able to deposit money.

This needs to be straightened out asap so members can get paid for the work that has been done. We are reviewing pending payments now and will send out payments as soon as we can.

If you have any questions at all, please email:
websmartpro at gmail dot com

All other emails related to the site aren't currently working.

Thank you and we hope to serve you better in the future.

Best Regards,
Michael Santiago

I'm glad Writerlance has finally fixed the problems and sent out an update, and I sympathize with the problems they were having with the former owner, but come on — don't you think it would have been good business policy to email members a little sooner?

In any case, if you lost your account balance with Writerlance, use the email address above (disguised to make it harder for spammers to pick up on my blog) and see about getting your money back!


Anonymous said...

Heard anything new on this company since the email from the new owner?

I am curious because I notice they have an affiliate program now and at $3 a sign up seems iffy. - P.s. Great Blog

workaholic said...

I don't know if changing owners make any difference. I've sent them several mails to clear my payment, but there are no replies. Looks like they don't want to pay. How do we get them to pay?

Katharine Swan said...

MomWhoWrites, I haven't heart anything new, but I'm getting project announcement emails again. They had the affiliate program before, too, though I think it may have been only $1 a sign up.

Workaholic, getting them to pay may be tricky. Angela Hoy of WritersWeekly.com ran a piece on getting deadbeat editors to pay and the same approach just might work here. I think the most important thing is to put the heat on them and not let up!

I'm sorry to hear that they still owe people money and are not paying. I hope someone will keep me posted as to what happens!


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