Thursday, September 18, 2008

My new place of employment

One of my favorite things about being a freelance writer is that I can work wherever I want or need to at the moment. For instance, right now I'm eating lunch, so the kitchen table is my workstation of the moment.

Although I have an office and a desk, I tend to get tired of that setup pretty quickly. Next to my desk I have a comfortable vintage rocker that I sometimes work from, but lately I've been rejecting my office entirely to work from the couch.

I don't usually choose to work from the couch, but right now I'm really enjoying it. It's not as comfy as my overstuffed rocker, but I have more room to spread out — I work with my feet up on the coffee table and my papers on either side of me. Add in a comfy knit blanket, a snack and a water bottle crammed into the cushions so that they stay upright, and the blinds open so that the sunlight streams in the window, and maybe you'll see why I find my new place of employment so appealing!


Robin Henry said...

It is indeed nice working from home, although it can get a bit lonely at times.

I have the local talk show on in the background. It's mainly rubbish ... politics and stupid people talking nonsense, however, it gives one the sense that there are others around.


Katharine Swan said...

It's a good idea, but I personally can't work with other voices around -- I think I get hung up on their words, and have trouble coming up with my own. That's probably unique to writers, though, and not the case with all work-at-homers.


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