Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sign a petition to protect mustangs

I don't know how many of you follow my Pony Tales Blog, so I wanted to alert you all to an issue that I'm really fired up about right now.

Last week, I blogged about an article I saw, reporting that the BLM — the division of the government responsible for controlling the mustang population by capturing and adopting out wild mustangs — was considering euthanizing mustangs to control the population. This is a major reversal from the policy for the last several decades, which has been to protect mustangs as a symbol of American freedom and the western frontier.

This morning I blogged about a petition to the BLM, asking them not to euthanize mustangs. Just recently, I checked back to find that signatures are accumulating quickly! I know it has absolutely nothing to do with freelance writing, but I hope all animal lovers reading this will make tracks over there to sign the petition.


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