Tuesday, April 15, 2008

GoFreelance.com's new scammy tactics

Thanks to one of my readers, I've discovered one of GoFreelance.com's new scammy tactics: Posting writers' resumes on their site, without the writers' permission and regardless of whether the writers are actually members.

The possible scams perpetuated by GoFreelance.com, a.k.a. Freelance Work Exchange, has been an ongoing topic on my blog. You can read the saga here:

1. The very first post about Freelance Work Exchange's possible scam
2. A rant about FWE's habit of spamming the job boards
3. An announcement about FWE changing their name to GoFreelance
4. An email from Rob Palmer about my blog posts
5. New information about a potential GoFreelance.com scam
6. Rob Palmer's failure to keep his word

Last night, I heard from a fellow writer with some new information: Apparently she Googled her name and discovered her resume on GoFreelance.com. She has attempted to contact them about having her resume removed, but has not yet been able to get anything done, so she emailed me for information about contacting Rob Palmer.

This is a dishonest and scammy thing to do in several ways. First, Rob Palmer is using people's resumes without permission, which is technically copyright infringement. Second, and probably more importantly, he is misleading potential employers by making them think that these writers are affiliated with GoFreelance.com.

I suggest that everyone Google their names and make sure their resumes aren't listed on GoFreelance.com or Freelance Work Exchange. Please spread the word, too, and make sure that other writers you know are aware of the situation!


Anonymous said...

Woow thanks 4 the review!
I almost signup with gofreelance while surfing for freelance job online! Thank you 4 saving me!

Izwan Mohd Salleh

Katharine Swan said...

Glad to have helped! There is no reason to pay for freelance job leads. One of my favorite sites is www.freelancewritinggigs.com. Check it out -- it's a great site!


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