Sunday, April 06, 2008

Writerlance complaint update: Emails bounced

I blogged the other day about a complaint against Writerlance, a freelance bidding site that has evidently shut down without paying writers monies owed. I also mentioned that I had sent an email asking about the site being down to all three of the Writerlance email addresses I had.

The email bounced back from two out of the three email addresses I sent it too — both email addresses with Writerlance.com as the domain. According to the undeliverable message I got, it appears both email addresses were set up to forward emails to another account, which is no longer there — hence why the email bounced back, I suppose.

The third email address I had for Writerlance was a gmail address, which is where the new project notifications have been coming from recently. The email has not bounced back from that address.

As a reminder, I am not one of the writers having problems with Writerlance. I have not gotten work through that site in a long time. I was alerted to the complaints by a commenter on my blog, and did a little research on my own. For more information, please read my blog post about the complaint against Writerlance.

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