Friday, January 18, 2008

Possible tax rebates

Evidently the White House is looking at instituting tax rebates, possibly as much as $800 per person and $1,600 per married couple.

I haven't found anthing that says whether the tax rebates will be on the 2007 tax returns, but I would think that's the point, since the tax rebate is an attempt to ward off recession. Also, the Washington Post article quotes President Bush as saying that the rebates should "take effect right away."

For whatever reason, less money spent on taxes is always welcomed by freelance writers. I get delirious just thinking about what Michael and I could do with an extra $1,600.

There's other good news for freelance writers. This is from an article in USA Today:

Bush said a key provision of the package should be a tax incentive for American businesses "including small businesses" to help them make major investments in their companies this year.

I'm not sure what exactly the tax incentives will be, or what they define as "major investments in their companies," but I'm anxious to find out.

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