Saturday, January 12, 2008

Doggy Christmas pictures

Earlier, I posted about my horse's Christmas present. Our dogs got Christmas presents too this year: Emma got an extend-a-leash and Grace got a new bed.


Emma was an only dog for four years, so she doesn't really understand the concept of anything not being for her. (We've tried getting them each an identical dog toy, and Emma just takes both.) So when the bed arrived in the mail, Emma assumed from the get-go that it was for her.

She was right there, acting very excited, while we opened the box — though how she already knew it was something for a dog, I have no idea. And as soon as we put the cover on it and put it on the floor, she got on it and didn't get off again for quite a while.

Eventually, we were able to get Grace onto the bed for a few pictures.

Unfortunately, the bed has become 85 percent Emma's, leaving Grace to take over Emma's old bed. This arrangement satisfies our ultimate goal, which was to replace Grace's lumpy old bed with something a little better for her hip. Grace does occasionally get the opportunity to sleep on the new bed, so I guess her Christmas present wasn't a total failure!


Kathy@TheFlawlessWord said...

I guess it probably comes as no surprise to you that I also buy Christmas presents for my pets. I even bought Pookey one last gift this year, despite her no longer being with me in body: an engraved memorial stone for her gravesite. It's so nice though that I'm not sure I want to expose it to the elements.

Michele said...

How sweet of you, Katharine! I've always loved giving gifts to my pets too. And they even have their own stocking! As far back as I can remember, pets have always been a part of my life. At the moment, I only have a German Shepherd and a rabbit, but throughout my life there have been many more and a lot of times many at once!

Glad your pets had a great Christmas. :-)


Katharine Swan said...


What a thoughtful idea. Is there some kind of protectant you can put on the stone? Even if you have to reapply it occasionally, it might be worthwhile.


Pets have always been a part of my life, too. I can't imagine life without my furr-children! Which is why they get Christmas presents, even though they have absolutely no clue what that's all about.


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