Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blogger problems and freelancing again

I meant to blog again sooner, but lately Blogger has not been showing the usual compose screen: the compose screen is HTML only, no one-click fancy formatting. I was waiting to see if the problems would get fixed, but so far they haven't, so I guess I'm blogging without the conveniences. All I can say is, it's a good thing I know HTML.

With NaNoWriMo finished (and won), on Friday I went back to freelancing full-time again. It took longer than I'd like to complete the work I did on Friday; it's hard to get back in nonfiction mode after writing about 8,000 words of fiction. I'll be working a little this weekend, as a result. Still, there's something nice about writing articles again.

As for my novel... After a short break, I plan to start the editing and revising process. The break is to let my brain rest after writing the whole first draft in just a month, because I intend to make several major revisions. Several of them, I knew I would want to make shortly after writing the sections, but in the spirit of NaNoWriMo (and for the sake of maintaining my word count) I just kept going!

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Anonymous said...


You seem really passionate about your writing and have taken strong stances on writers' rights to be paid what they are worth. Your recent post about "last year's rates" made me curious. What are reasonable rates to charge for freelance work? How do you charge? By the word or by the article? When can a writer start taking on more lucrative projects? What does it take to get to that next step? Not to be nosey, but how much do you charge and/or make? You're a role model to aspiring freelance writers, so please tell us; what are we financially in for?



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