Sunday, November 12, 2006

The new Blogger Beta

Just last night, I switched my blogs over to Blogger Beta. The wait was rather dissatisfactory, as I wasn't able to access my blogs until this morning - ugh! However, I found it interesting that once my blogs were switched, I suddenly had comments dating back to January. They had never shown up, and Blogger had never emailed me to say they were there, despite my settings! So I went through and approved about 30 comments over the past year. If one of them was yours, please don't take offense that I never published it - I never even knew anyone was commenting at all.

As for the news I couldn't post last night: I now have 21,207 total words! I wrote 280 words Friday evening, and a whopping 7,206 words last night! I am now caught up from being sick, and as long as I write another 2,000 words sometime today (or tonight), I will reach my goal for the weekend.

Well, here is the moment of truth: I'm going to publish my first blog post in the new Blogger Beta, and we'll see if it works!

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