Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Projected wait time

So far, I've managed to get through 4 days without my Averatec. My Dell (the backup laptop) is holding up pretty well, but I hate being tied to the modem.

I went to the Averatec site to check the status, and found out that my computer was just received today. However, I also noticed a note on another page that said that repairs take 7-10 days, rather than 3 days (which is apparently what their paperwork claimed, and also what I was told by the CompUSA technician).

In other words, my computer may not be back in my hands in 2 weeks, after all - it may be more like 3. So instead of counting down to a week from this Friday, it could be as far out as two weeks from this Friday.

The Dell and I are getting along fairly well so far, but will be able to stand each other's company for that long???

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