Friday, August 25, 2006

The computer curse

I've never felt this before, but right now I can empathize with people who do:

My computer hates me.

Essentially, I got my computer back - with a bunch of problems. On top of it all, my email server isn't working right.

Yesterday I called to check on my computer, and found it was ready to be picked up. I went and got it right away. Thankfully, Averatec did not wipe the hard drive, so I don't have to download software and files and redo all the settings. The fan is also fixed, and I was right when I thought it was too loud even when I first bought the laptop - I can barely even hear the new fan when it runs.

Although the problem had been fixed, I discovered soon after getting home that I had new problems to deal with: the keyboard had not been put back in right, and was popping out on one corner. I had to take it back to the store this morning to have them take a look at it. (Remember, it was Averatec that replaced the fan, so the store basically had to retrace someone else's steps.) I was so afraid that it would have to go back to Averatec again and that I'd be without my computer for another 2 weeks, but the store was able to fix it.

When I got home, however, I discovered another new problem: my power, wireless, and hard drive lights are not coming on. The other lights - num lock, caps lock, and battery - do work, and I guess those are the more important lights. I really don't feel like making the drive to the store for a third and fourth time today, so I'm just going to deal with it for now and have them fix it later.

As for my email server - I haven't been able to receive or send emails using my mail software, although I can access my email account online - some of the time. (Other times the website is down, and I can't get my email at all.) I am really, really frustrated with computers right now, and hope that my email server fixes the problem soon.

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