Monday, July 31, 2006

An absence that means good news

I know I have not blogged very much lately. I've been extremely busy for several weeks now, trying desperately to stay afloat of the work load. Soon my "summer rush" will be over, for which I will be very glad: I've had almost no personal time, and not much more sleep, for so long that sleeping seven hours last night felt like a vacation - and spending a brief amount of time on personal pastimes this weekend felt like a sin.

However, I am happy to say that all my hard work has not been wasted. Even though last month I'd set an astonishing new record with the month's income, I set a new record again this month! I've come a long way since I first started freelancing full time. Whereas back then I desperately needed the babysitting and other work I did on the "side" to supplement my measely freelance income, I now earn the vast majority of my income via freelancing. Almost without realizing it (because I have been too busy to reflect upon it), I have achieved what I wished for back then: to have enough freelance work that I could spend my time writing, instead of babysitting, running errands, and doing "projects" for the families I work for.

Unfortunately, my "summer rush" is not over yet. I have at least several more days of little sleep or socializing. However, once I am fully caught up, I intend to take several days off - to make up for the fact that I've worked through the past three weekends. I also intend to get 10 hours of sleep each night, ride my bike again, and spend some time reading a good book (that I don't have to review).

I've already noticed that freelance work tends to come in waves: sometimes you have lots of it, and other times you spend most of your time looking for it. This is my first summer as a freelancer, but it appears that what I've heard is true: freelance work is most abundant during the summer. Although I am grateful for the work - and the income - that I've had this summer, I will be very glad when the rush is over and I can go back to a somewhat normal living pace.

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