Monday, July 10, 2006

Michael's sick day

I awoke this morning to Michael coming home from work, after being there for only a couple of hours. After arriving at work, he'd started feeling really sick, and decided to come home. He's been in bed ever since.

My day has been rather uneventful, despite that. I've been working slowly but steadily, interrupted from time to time by caring for Michael or running errands.

Michael has a doctor's appointment in the morning, which we'll cancel if he's feeling better by then (although that seems unlikely).

Although Michael's demands on my time haven't been too great - particularly because he's been sleeping so much - I find it interesting how much this affects my work. At the very least, it's harder to concentrate, and I haven't gotten as much done yet as I should have. On the bright side, though, I'll be able to continue working into the evening.

The other way that this is shaking up my schedule is with that early-morning doctor's appointment: I'll need to decide between staying up late to work and getting considerably less sleep than I'm used to, going to bed early and sacrificing some work for a better night's rest, or pulling an all-nighter.

Ah, the bittersweet struggles of my dream career...

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