Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Today - my first Christmas with my boyfriend, Michael, and my first Christmas not spent with my family - has turned out to be a wonderful day.

The best present I got today was a scanner from Michael. If a lightweight laptop and a voice recorder are a writer's first two best friends, this scanner (a Canon LiDE 500F) has got to be a writer's third best friend. It seriously doesn't weigh much more than my laptop, and it's not much bigger, either. It doesn't have a power supply, either - it gets its power through the USB connection with the computer. It scans to a file, to the printer, or to email...and best yet, it'll scan to a PDF file! This is handy because if I write an e-book for publication on Booklocker.com (which I've thought of), I won't have to pay to have my files turned into PDF files. Also, scanning to PDF files will be useful for my porftfolio. I've already been playing with it quite a bit; I imagine it'll be a while before I run out of things to scan.

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