Thursday, December 15, 2005

Back in the land of the living!

It seems like such a long time ago that I started this blog! Since then, I've finished my class - paper, exam, and all. What a relief! Next semester I'm not going to take a class at all, so that I can concentrate more on my freelancing.

Something else that has been claiming a lot of my time lately is my sick cat, Cleo. I was having to nurse her back to health from liver failure due to a fatty liver (hepatic lipidosis), which interfered with my freelancing more than I care to admit; thankfully, she started eating on her own almost exactly a week ago. It'll definitely make for a much better holiday season - the best Christmas present I could have asked for! You can read more about Cleo on a blog-type of page I made for her: http://www.katharineswan.com/cleo.htm.

Almost right after Cleo started eating on her own, I finished a freelance article that I'd been sitting on for quite some time. I also have a few others that have been piling up since Cleo first got sick. Hopefully I'll be able to finish another of those and get all my holiday shopping done in the next week. :o)

Thanks for hanging in there with me - I'll post again when something else interesting happens. Right now it's all about celebrating Cleo's newfound health and my restored freedom.

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