Monday, June 17, 2024

Weekly Goals, Week 25: Setbacks and Recoveries

Last week was a week of wild swings.  On Tuesday my horse, Panama, didn't drink all day.  We discovered him dehydrated and uncomfortable at 10pm, and spent the next five hours coaxing mashes into him. I'm pretty sure that we narrowly avoided a recurrence of his near-death experience two years ago, but thankfully we did avoid it, even if it cost us an evening's plans and a good night's sleep.

Since I've been mostly working on my novel late in the day, I didn't work on my novel at all that night, breaking my daily writing streak.  And since the next day was mostly spent at a pair of morning doctor's appointments, mashing Panama again, napping to recover from the lack of sleep, visiting with Zac's family that was in town for the week, and mashing Panama again, I didn't end up working on my novel on Wednesday either.

Fortunately I got caught up on my Camp NaNo novel in a big way on Thursday, and have maintained the daily habit ever since.  But that was pretty much all I got done last week.  I never was able to make time to work on the doll room, let alone organize a sale.

It was a wild week, though, and pretty busy between our concerns about Panama's health and several days' worth of plans with Zac's extended family while they were in town.  All in all, I'm glad last week is over, even though this week likely isn't going to be much better.  Less family, but lots of catchup.

  1. Work on my novel every day until finished
  2. Work on organizing the doll room
  3. Get organized and sell

You'll see that my goals are essentially the same as last week's and the week's before that, except for the wording of the sales goal.  I decided that putting all the pressure on a single sale may have been making me feel like it had to be this big, perfectly organized event.  Instead, I'm going to try to do some smaller listings throughout the week, and if I can get organized in time, a big sale on the weekend.  But at least if I can get some smaller listings up, I can start chipping away at the stuff I need to sell.

As for my novel, I made some decisions regarding the plot that mean I'm not as close to being done as I thought.  I will be rewriting much of the flashback material that I already wrote so that it fits into the story a little better, and adding a little to the story to flesh out the climax and ending.  I have a bad habit of taking shortcuts to the end, and I want this novel to be satisfying rather than just finished.  Hopefully I'll still finish by the end of June, though, so that I can get back to work on Ruby Ransome in July's Camp NaNoWriMo.

Hopefully this week is productive and goes well, as next week we'll be house sitting for Zac's parents and everything will be thrown for a loop yet again.

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