Monday, October 30, 2023

Weekly Goals: Week 23

This week I'm officially changing the title of these weekly posts to "weekly goals," and the corresponding tag as well.  If you're following along via tag, you can find all the old posts using the old tag, accountability and progress.

Last week ended up being an unexpectedly swamped week.  I'm not sure why I was so surprised by it, as I knew my mom was coming up to visit, I knew I was riding with my friend, I knew I was taking my dad to a procedure on Friday, and I knew I was taking my friend back and forth to an event on Saturday.  But all of these things took a little longer or required more involvement from me than I expected, and I finished the week so completely exhausted that I deliberately took yesterday as a day of rest and did nothing all day.

Despite all that, though, I still got quite a lot done.  I mostly reorganized the sales closet (my downstairs closet that I have organized with repair supplies, projects, and sales inventory), I repaired a lamp (a project that's been sitting in my living room for almost 8 years), I picked up a large vintage doll lot, and I met with the museum director to plan an event and a corresponding article.

Unfortunately, only about half of that contributed to achieving my goals for the week, so some of that is carrying over to this week.  I still have more organization that I want to accomplish, and I still need to finish the article for the museum newsletter; plus now I've agreed to write the copy for the event page too.

This is going to be a more difficult week, too, between the kickoff party late tomorrow night, and all of the write-ins.  I will lose an evening and about three-quarters of my weekend this week, and most weeks it'll be two evenings and three-quarters of my weekend.

With NaNoWriMo starting, this week's goals are going to be a little different:

  1. Get as much organization done as possible
  2. Get started on NaNoWriMo
  3. Work on client dolls
  4. Write article and other copy for museum
  5. List items for sale locally
I usually love Mondays because I love the feeling of starting a new week, and all the possibilities of that blank slate laid out ahead of me.  It's usually a light feeling.  Today, however, feels rather heavy, as I look ahead to a busy, complicated week.

Hopefully getting a little more done today will help relieve some of the pressure tomorrow!

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