Monday, October 02, 2023

Accountability and Progress: Week 19

Last week was moderately productive: I got things done, but not everything I'd planned.  The weekend more than made up for it, though!  We put up multiple shelves and made major progress on my organization project.  I'm a little exhausted today from how much we did over the weekend, but also very pleased.

Here's where I'm at right now, and where I'm hoping to go this week.

Doll stringing ebook: I did move this again.  My reasoning is that I really need a good photography space prepared in order to take the updated pictures for this ebook, and with everything else I've been doing, I haven't had a chance to prep a good photography space.  I have it scheduled for a little later this week, currently.

Ruby Ransome: I'm not worrying about this just yet.  I have tentatively scheduled to start working on my novel again next week, but for now I want to focus on getting this organization project finished.  I do want to get to work on it at least a week before November, so I'm not jumping into the deep end when NaNoWriMo starts.

Blogs, websites, and social media, oh my: You'll notice I officially changed the name of this category to include social media, which is where I promote my doll business.  I did work on my blogs a little more here and there last week, and got several social media posts up.  I have more to do this week.

Other projects: As I already mentioned, my organization project was the big focus this past week.  Over the weekend I got a set of four shelves hung in the hallway, which I've been planning to up for probably about six months.  We also made a run to IKEA and picked up a ledge shelf for showcasing special edition dolls, which I mounted yesterday, and a couple of Trofast units that we put together to hold doll things underneath that ledge shelf.  This evening I'm hoping to mount a couple other shelves that we picked up in the same trip, plus install a TV mount.  Later this week I also have a mirror, a large picture, and another wall shelf to put up, plus some more general organization to work on.

On the horizon: I've already exchanged emails with one of our write-in hosts, a local Barnes & Noble, plus our most important supporter of the local NaNoWriMo region, Enchanted Grounds.  EG always host our kickoff party - which is a big deal, as the kickoff is usually held from 10pm Halloween night until 2am on November 1st, to allow everyone to start writing right at midnight at the start of November.  It's a difficult event to find a venue for, and EG has been amazingly supportive over the years.  They also host a weekly write-in, so they're a wonderful local resource for us!  I'm hoping to make contact with other regular write-in venues this week, to get a few other events nailed down.

Writing this post up today, I'm realizing how many balls I have in the air right now.  I have a lot of things to focus my attention on, so it's no wonder when some things fall by the wayside.  For now, I'm going to keep focusing on making progress with my organization project.  I feel like that needs to come together first before other things (most of which requires organization and dedicated spaces) can happen.

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