Saturday, August 20, 2022

A Note on My Schedule

I've mentioned a few times lately things about the odd schedules that I keep.  It impacts my work schedule, so I think it bears explaining here.

I'm a bona fide night owl.  And as a self-employed person, I've taken full advantage of the ability to set my own schedule over the years.  I tend to "warm up" in the afternoon and work late at night, when I'm most productive and focused.  Evenings are spent with the people in my life who are not night owls or don't have the luxury of setting their own schedules.

What does this mean for you?

If you are a client or prospective client of mine, you might wonder what my schedule means for you.  As a freelancer I work independently, so for the most part it doesn't mean anything at all.  Think of it like me just having afternoon office hours, but instead of having meetings or focused work time in the mornings, I'm doing that part late at night.

It may take a little adjustment on your part, though.  For me, I tend to count it all as today until I've slept.  Which means that when I'm working late, say, Thursday night, it might technically be Friday, but to me, it's still just the end of Thursday.

Because of this, it's important to be super clear about deadlines.  If you need something on Wednesday, don't tell me to have it to you by Wednesday, as there's a good chance I'll be finishing it up after close of business on Wednesday.  Instead, tell me when exactly you need it on Wednesday.  If you need it by 8am Wednesday, for example, tell me that, so that I can adjust that deadline in my head to be Tuesday night instead - ensuring you have it by the time you need it Wednesday morning.

I know it probably seems a little weird, but after years of trying off and on to adjust my schedule to be more "normal," I've realized this is just the way I'm wired.  Fortunately, after nearly 17 years of freelancing, I also know it works quite well this way.  Most clients never even notice the odd hours I keep, unless of course I send them something at 2am!

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