Monday, March 10, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo pick-me-up

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014
I've really been struggling lately -- with most everything.  I haven't been working on my novel(s), haven't been keeping up with my blogs, haven't been doing ANY of the things on my list of goals for the year.  I haven't even been riding my horses all that much, thanks in part to being very sick in February with a bad cold and a cough that wouldn't go away.

With all of this non-motivation going on, at this point I'm really looking forward to anything that will encourage me to get my tail moving.  One thing I'm counting on is an upcoming writer's critique group -- I need to get another chapter of my first Ruby Ransome novel revised and ready for the group to read, which should get me moving on revisions again (I hope).  The first session of Camp NaNoWriMo is also in April, and I hope to use that to get me moving on several other things, as well.

April itself I am going to use to finish my NaNo novel from 2013.  If you remember, I had taken a break from my vampire series to work on something totally unrelated, as I was feeling pretty burnt out on the series.  I wanted to finish that novel, but it ended up being longer than expected, and I also burnt myself out on writing when I wrote 10,000 words on November 30th in order to "win" NaNo.  I was intending to give myself a short break after that, but a short break turned into a longer break turned into just not going back to it at all, and here I am three months later, still not writing.

So March I intend to use for two things: to get my next selection of Ruby Ransome ready for my critique group, and to get ready to finish my NaNo 2013 novel in April.  Getting ready to finish the novel means, in part, finishing the timeline that I started creating in Aeon back in December, and if I have any time left before camp starts, I intend to also work on a timeline for my Ruby Ransome series.

April will be used for finishing my NaNo 2013 novel, so that I feel comfortable putting it away (until I do revisions at least) and getting back to Ruby Ransome.  If you remember from last year, Camp NaNoWriMo now gives you a flexible word count goal, which means I can plan on writing as little as 10,000 words if I think that's all that's needed to finish my novel.

Once April is over, I plan to work in earnest on revisions to my first Ruby Ransome novel, hopefully with a completed round of revisions by the time the next session of camp comes around in July.  I could always use July's camp session to do revisions or work on short stories in my Rubiverse, like I did last summer, but I would much rather use it to start a new novel.

Lately I've been using a to do list app called Todoist to keep myself organized and productive, and so far it seems to be working fairly well.  This week I am hoping to make progress on my blogs and also on my revisions to my critique group selection.  Fingers crossed for me that I can make a comeback this week!

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