Friday, February 28, 2014

Better late than never!

I blogged at the end of January about my goals for 2014, one of which was to blog daily.  I meant to start on that the following Monday, the first weekday in February (as I am contemplating making it a weekday-only rule), but here it is almost a month later and I still haven't!  And unfortunately, I haven't done anything else on my list, either, including working on my novels (which should also be a daily occurrence).

The one thing I have done is read some classics, mainly through the influence of a friend of mine who is taking a literature class this semester -- I've been reading some of what he's reading (for instance, I reread The Awakening, the third time I've read it but the first time I've had someone I could discuss it with afterward).

I've thought that a more feasible goal than making a list of books to read during the year might be to read a classic every month.  Part of the problem with my old way of making the goal was that I didn't always feel like reading one of the books I had planned to read during the year.  If I read a classic every month, though, I'll be able to choose something I feel like reading at the time, and I'll read more than just half a dozen or so (or fewer, as happens when I don't meet my goal).

I've also downloaded a free app that I'm hoping will help me to meet my goals from now on.  It's called Todoist, and it has apps for pretty much everything -- Windows, Apple products, Android, even add ons for Firefox, Thunderbird, Outlook, and Gmail -- and it syncs across all of that.  You can categorize your to-do lists into individual projects, make tiered lists, and add websites as tasks.  There are lots of other features that I've only begun to play with, such as labels and filters, and a friend of mine highly recommends the premium version (less than $30 a year) as well.

I'm hoping this app will help me to get back on track for 2014, as I feel like I need to get organized and get to work again!

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