Monday, July 29, 2013

Goals check for the week of July 22

Last week was, quite simply, nuts.  I worked a lot all week, and although the kids and I went to the barn a lot and therefore got plenty of horse time in, I didn't get much else done on my goals.  I had various things going on most evenings during the week, and therefore didn't get a chance to do any work from home until the weekend.

1. Novels: I went all week without working on my novel's research or revisions, even on the days when I didn't have anything going on in the evening, too.  I did get some substantial research done on the weekend, though, so at least I worked on it a couple days out of the week.  I am concerned that I'm letting myself get carried away with the research again, kind of like I did back when I was marking revisions and I decided I needed to take a break to read up on Victorian vampire fiction.  However, I am also highly interested in what I'm researching (women's working conditions in the 1920s) and I want to be sure I have the details right with my character's job.  Part of my goal has been to do the research just as though it were historical fiction, even though it's also vampire fiction.

2. Blogs and websites: No progress yet.

3. Other writing projects: No progress yet.

4. Books:  Les Miz still on hold.

5. Horses: V. and I rode together on Monday, taking both horses out on a short trail ride with a group that goes several times a week (the same group I used to ride with regularly).  It was a highly successful first experience for me and Rondo (Rondo has been hand-walked on the trail, and my trainer took him an even shorter distance a couple weeks ago after a training session), as well as for V. and Panama (she has been asking to take him out on the trail).  And on Thursday we took both horses to the lake -- it was Panama's third time "swimming" and Rondo's first introduction, and the first time the kids had gotten to do anything like that.  We all had a great time!

Other than the activity with the horses, which was all big news and very positive, it was a somewhat disappointing week.  Hopefully this week will be better!

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