Monday, March 11, 2013

Goals check for the week of March 4

Last week will be a fun week to blog about!  Lots of developments.  For one thing, I found out that there is a Camp NaNoWriMo session in April this year, which motivated me to finish the novel I was currently working on and do the revisions (finally) on the first novel -- I want to be ready to start a new project on April 1st!  I also had a good week with the horses, even though I didn't entirely meet my goals for the week.

1. Novels: After I found out about Camp NaNo in April, I got right back to work and finished the last little bit of the novel I was working on -- even though I'd put an ending on it some time ago, I had a missing chapter or so that I needed to fill in.  I worked on that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  I also printed out the first novel and marked up the first couple chapters Saturday night.  I've set aside today, tomorrow, and Wednesday for working on revisions.

2. Blogs and websites: No progress here currently.

3. Other writing projects: No progress here either at the moment.

4. Books: I am about halfway through Les Miserables, but I need to step up the pace because in the next week and a half, I need to finish it and read the March selection for the sci-fi/fantasy book club I belong to!

5. Horses: I rode both Panama and Rondo on Thursday, which was something of a feat for me -- riding both horses in one visit is time-consuming and physically exhausting.  My lesson, or session with my trainer, was on Rondo, but the girl I nanny for also had a lesson on Panama that afternoon, so I rode him as well to make sure he wasn't going to be all fired up -- due to his back issues, I'd given him the beginning of the week off.

Yesterday I also took V. out to the barn with me -- she will be out of town for spring break, so I planned on taking her out to the barn a couple of weekends in March so that she could make up the rides she is missing that week.  While she rode Panama, I rode Rondo, and we had a great time riding together.  It's nice being able to exercise both horses at once, not to mention really nice having someone to ride with!

Like I said, I didn't quite meet my goals for riding -- I want to ride both horses three times a week (on top of V.'s rides).  I only rode Panama once and Rondo twice, but they were all still very nice rides!  Plus, since the time change was yesterday, now it will be staying light later in the evenings, which means more riding time after work!

Getting back to work on the novel was very satisfying too, especially finishing the "unfinished business" so that I can back to the first novel.  I'd like to get it to the point where I can start giving it to my beta readers and get some feedback.  And of course, I am very excited about the idea of starting a new project in just a few more weeks!  Hopefully that thought will keep me motivated to finish these revisions in March...

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