Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Another 3,384 words yesterday!

Yesterday was a crazy day.  My morning and early afternoon were pretty much claimed by a doctor's visit for a medical study I'm almost done with, and a vet appointment for our dog, Grace, who had to have x-rays — she has some pretty significant hip dysplasia, and in the past 6 or 8 months it's gotten steadily worse, to the point that we can no longer keep her comfortable with aspirin and daily walks.  The vet has her on some better pain medications now, including one for nerve pain (turns out she has some back problems too), and if I had a crystal ball I'm pretty sure I'd see weekly physical therapy appointments in my future.

Seems like everyone and everything wants a slice of my time lately.  I don't begrudge her that, of course, but I'm finding that my writing time is being steadily whittled down to next to nothing.  Working some evenings and getting good at managing my time will be absolutely necessary if I am going to adapt.

Despite all that, I did manage to get some serious novel writing done in the evening before dinner, and later on while Michael was heading to bed.  The result was that I fell into bed too exhausted to read much before I went to sleep — unusual for me, but becoming more common lately, I'm afraid — but I did get another 3,384 words pounded out.  A few hundred of those were updated after midnight, and went onto today's count, but that's fine.  I hate it when that happens when it makes it look like I didn't meet the goal for the day, when in truth I just met it after the clock turned over, but since I'm way ahead of my daily goal at the moment it's okay.

I'm happy with my wild success at the moment, even though I know it's only a cushion for those days later in the month where I don't get anything done.  How is everyone else doing?

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